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1.25G EPON Optical Line Terminator 8 Port Easy Deploying 56W Low Power Consumption

Good quality 10G GPON OLT for sales
Good quality 10G GPON OLT for sales
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Пришло быстро, оборудование целое, работает отлично, заказом доволен.

—— Alexandr

Entrega rápida, possívelmente aberto pelos serviços alfandegárias, disco falhou mas com uma boa conversação com vendedor foi ultrapassado. recomendo foi testado e funcionando normalmente

—— Pedro Geron

Otimo produto e me entregaram mais rápido que o comum certamente vou comprar mais

—— Marcos Povoa Barbosa

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1.25G EPON Optical Line Terminator 8 Port Easy Deploying 56W Low Power Consumption

China 1.25G EPON Optical Line Terminator 8 Port Easy Deploying 56W Low Power Consumption supplier
1.25G EPON Optical Line Terminator 8 Port Easy Deploying 56W Low Power Consumption supplier 1.25G EPON Optical Line Terminator 8 Port Easy Deploying 56W Low Power Consumption supplier 1.25G EPON Optical Line Terminator 8 Port Easy Deploying 56W Low Power Consumption supplier 1.25G EPON Optical Line Terminator 8 Port Easy Deploying 56W Low Power Consumption supplier

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Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: NATYWISH
Model Number: NTW-E18008C

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pcs
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 1 pcs / box
Delivery Time: 5 - 8 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 5000 pcs / week
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Detailed Product Description
OLT Type: 8 PON Ports EPON OLT Packet Forwarding Rate(IPv4/IPv6): 80Mpps
Service Interface: 8*PON Ports,8*10/100/1000 Base-T Ports,4*10G SFP Slots. Optical Power: +2~+7dBm
Power Supply: AC:input 90~240V 47/63Hz, DC:input-36V~-72V, Color: Black


8 PON ports EPON OLT  optical line terminal device High Switching Capacity With Dual


Power Supply 


                                                                                                                   -----  NTW-E18008C




1.25G EPON Optical Line Terminator 8 Port Easy Deploying 56W Low Power Consumption

Product Overview


NTW-E18008C series is a cassette OLT switching device designed by NATYWISH, provides 8 * downlink PON ports , 8* uplink ethernet RJ45 ports, 4*10G optical SFP slots, only 1U height.


NTW-E18008C adopts advanced technology in the industry, splitting ratio up to 1:64, supports different types of ONU hybrid networking which minimizes network operator’s investment. It has powerful ethernet service and QoS guarantee, supports SLA and DBA.


Product Advantage


1. EPON:NTW-E18008C series complies with IEEE802.3ah and YD/T 1475-2006 standard.

2. System capacity: Single PON port can support the access of 64 terminals, the overall unit can support          512 ONU terminals.

3. Uplink port: support many different types of metropolitan area network interface combination, according        to network situation , select 1000M or 10000M port.

4. Device size: 1U, occupies little space in the computer room,less power consumption,reduces business        operating cost.

5. High reliability guarantee, support dual power supply.


Product Feature


1. Provide a high density PON port, overall unit can support 512 ONU terminals, capacity is larger than regular cassette OLT, every PON port supports splitting ratio 1:64, PON optical transceiver is hot plug design, support 20km transmission distance.


2. Support PON optical fiber redundancy protection,automatic link road protection switching in the case of optical fiber failure.


3. Support ethernet function, provide effective isolation guarantee mechanism, VLAN isolation, port protection,MAC address binding, IP address binding, port speed limit, queuing technique ,flow control technology etc provide technical guarantee for the development of multi service integration .


4. Perfect security protection mechanism,use hardware packet forwarding can detect and filter the characteristic packets effectively, MAC address that supports ARP attacks, automatic protection and automatic user blocking capabilities, prevent protocol messages from attacking.Support all kinds of anti DDoS, CPU over-current protection,VRRP and other equipment protection function, revent illegal or abnormal traffic from entering the network,against multiple viruses attack.Ensure the safety of equipment management.


5. Completely support 2 layer business function,achieve flexible QinQ and QoS function. ACL supports L2 to L7 ,deep into the IP message header and 80 bytes message of packet filtering. Provide high quality QoS service quality guarantee for multi service operation.


6. Highly centralized operation management and maintenance, for business, provide a unified network transmission and interconnection protocol, address management, domain name management, security management, user access management. OAM function includes configuration, alarm, performance monitoring, fault isolation and security management etc.


Product Specification








 Switching Capacity




 Packet Forwarding   Rate(IPv4/IPv6)






   8*PON ports,8*10/100/1000 Base-T ports,4*10G SFP slots.


 Transmission     Distance




 Optical Power




 Redundancy           Design


 Dual power supply,support dual AC input,dual DC input and AC+DC    input
  Power Supply

 AC:input 90~240V 47/63Hz,



 Full Load Power   Consumption








  Full Weight


  Environmental           Parameter


 Operating temperature:0°C~50°C

 Storage temperature:-20°C~70°C

  relative humidity:10%~90%.non-condensing




Service Characteristic






 Passive Optical Access   Characteristic


 Meet IEEE 802.3ah EPON standard.

 Meet China Telecom / China Unicom GEPON   interoperability standards.

 Support single fiber 20km transfer distance.

 Support single fiber passive optical access to 64 terminals.

 Support 128Bits uplink and downlink three stir encryption   function.

 Support ONU terminal legitimacy certification, illegal ONU   registration events reported.

 Support standard OAM and extended OAM management   functions.

 Support ONU software batch upgrade, regular upgrade,   real-time upgrade.

 Support PON port optical power,accept optical power           tested.


 2 layers   Characteristics  MAC


 Support MAC Black Hole.

 Support port MAC Limit.

 Support 16k MAC address.




 Support 4k VLAN table entry.

 Support for VLAN based on ports, MAC, protocols, and IP   subnets.

 Support port QinQand flexible QinQ(StackVLAN).

 Support VLAN Swap and VLAN Remark.

 Support PVLAN ,achieve port isolate and save public   VLAN resource.

 Support GVRP.


 Spanning tree



 Support remote loop detection.




 Support bidirectional bandwidth control.

 Support static and LACP dynamic converged port   aggregation.

 Support port mirroring image.


 Safety   Characteristics  User security


 Support Anti-ARP-spoofing.

 Support Anti-ARP-flooding.

 Support IP Source Guard to automatically create the   IP+MAC+ port +VLAN binding table.

 Support Port Isolation.

 Supports MAC address binding to port, port MAC   address filtering.

 Support IEEE 802.1x and AAA/Radius user identity   authentication.


 Device security


 Support the control layer to prevent all kinds of DOS and   virus attack the CPU .

 Support SSHv2 Secure ShGLl.

 Support SNMP v3 encryption management.

 Support TGLnet login and password mechanism for   Security IP.

 Support for maintenance user classification .

 Protection,prevent unauthorized user access by forcible   entry.


 Network ecurity


 Support every user MAC address ARP traffic detection.

 Supports ARP message suppression or user blocking for   ARP traffic detection.

 Dynamic ARP tables support one key binding .

 Support IP address,VLAN ID,MAC address port and other   parameter bundling by hand.

 Support L2-L7 ACL stream filtering of user-defined   message header 80 bytes depth.

 Support port broadcast / multicast message suppression   and automatic shutdown of dangerous ports.

 Support URPF unicast reverse path check to prevent IP   address spoofing and attack.

 Support DHCP, Option82 and PPPoE+ upload user   physical location information.

 Support MD5 ciphertext authentication and the plaintext of   OSPF,RIPv2 and BGPv4 message.


 Service   Characteristic  ACL


 Support standards and extend ACL.

 Support time range ACL statement.

 Provide the flow classification and flow definition of IP   message header information,includes source / destination   MAC address,VLAN,802.1p,ToS.

 DiffServ ,IP(IPv4/IPv6) address of source and   destination,TCP/UDP port number,protocol type etc.

 L2~L7 deep into IP message header,support 80 bytes of   packet filtering.




 Limits the speed of the port,the receive and send   messages  from custom streams,provides regular traffic   monitoring for custom streams.

 Support CAR(Committed Access Rate),Traffic Shapping   and Traffic statistics.

 Supports message mirroring and message redirection for   ports or custom streams.

 Supports priority tags for ports or custom flows,provide the   priority remark of 802.1P,DSCP.

 Support high grade queue scheduling of port and custom   stream.

  Support congestion to prevent mechanism,includes Tail-        Drop,WRED etc.




 Support SA/DA Classification .

 Support MLD Snooping.




 Support IGMPv1/v2/v3 .

 Support IGMPv1/v2/v3 Snooping.

 Support IGMP Filter.

 Support MVR multicast,VLAN register and cross VLAN   multicast replication.

 Support IGMP Fast leave.

 Support IGMP Proxy.


 Support PIM-SMv6,PIM-DMv6,PIM-SSMv6.

 Support MLDv2/MLDv2 Snooping.


 Reliability  Loop Protection


 Support EAPS and GERP ,enhanced ethernet ring network   protocol(Link healing time <50ms).

 Support Loopback-detection,port loopback test.


 Link protection


 Support FlexLink backup,(Link healing time <50ms)

 Support RSTP/MSTP link healing hardware accekerating   ability(Link healing time <1s).

 Support LACP Dynamic link aggregation (Link healing time   <10ms).

 Support BFD link surveillance.


 Device   Protection


 Support VRRP mainframe backup .

 Support 1+1 power supply hot backup.


 Maintenance   Characteristics  Network   Management


 Support TGLnet port real time flow,utilization,receive and   send data packet statistics.

 Support RFC3176 flow analysis,can achieve flow   monitoring and statistics

 of protocol or address.

 Support LLDP neighbor device discovery protocol.

 Support 802.3ah Ethernet OAM.

 Support data logs and 3164 BSD syslog Protocol.

 Support Ping and Traceroute.


 Device   Management


 Support CLI,Console port,TGLnet and WEB configuration   management.

 Support SNMPv1/v2/v3.

 Support RMON (Remote Monitoring)1,2,3,9 ground MIB.

 Support Support NTP network time protocol.

 Support GN.LinkⅡ Server Support GN.LinkⅡ Server .

 Support NGBNView Network Management System.




Order Information






 Product Description


1. 8*PON ports,8*10/100/1000Base-T electrical port, 4*10G-         SR/LR/ER port.

2. Dual AC power supply,dual DC power supply,DC+AC power     supply can be optional.


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Shenzhen Natywish Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact Person: Echo Wang

Tel: +8613760198031

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